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50: Josh McDowell shares Powerful Tips and Wisdom for every Christian
Jul 30, 2018 · 34 min
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Josh McDowell joins the Men Unplugged show with Jeff Jerina.  Josh provides practical tips and valuable wisdom on how you can better understand and love your children, as well as, teach and empower your children to make right moral choices.  Find out what style of parenting you are and the most important thing you can do to help your child make good choices.  You’ll also learn simple ways to defend your Christian faith in a loving manner, as well as, Josh’s testimony and personal stories from his life.   


Key Points:

  1. Rules without relationships leads to rebellion
  2. Truth without relationships leads to rejection
  3. There are 3 issues that parents need to address to raise their children in a way that they make right moral choices.
  4. Nothing stronger than a child’s life than letting them know their mom or dad will listen to them.
  5. Every commandment of God is to protect and provide


Resources Mentioned:

- Covenant Eyes

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- Ten Steps to Power and Purpose

- Jeff Jerina - speaking / training forums

- Set Free to Choose Right

- Evidence that Demands a Verdict

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