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72: How Your Faith Helps in Personal Tragedy with Dr. Jamie Aten
Jan 24, 2019 · 36 min
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Today’s guest, Dr. Jamie Aten, gives practical tips on how your faith in Jesus Christ can get you through any tragedy.  As a natural disaster psychologist Jamie was faced with his own personal tragedy when he was diagnosed with colon cancer.  Jeff Jerina and Dr. Aten discuss the issue of faith and how it can help you overcome your own personal tragedies.  What’s the difference between pain and suffering?  What’s the role of community when walking through a personal disaster.  What about the practice of spiritual surrender?  All of this and more on the Men Unplugged podcast.      

Key Points:

  • Real strength comes from relying on the Lord in every situation rather than depending on our own strength.
  • God does not promise us an answer to every tragedy, but He does promise that He will give himself to us.
  • We need to practice spiritual surrender when we face difficult times. 
  • Spiritual surrender isn’t passive, its one of the most willful and obedient acts that we can engage in as a Christian.
  • Recovery always takes place in community.

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