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16: Life lessons to overcome communication barriers with your wife, engage with your kids and strengthen your walk with the Lord
Mar 26, 2018 · 25 min
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Great ideas on how you can engage with your kids, overcome barriers to communication with your wife, family vacation ideas, enhance your Bible study, funny stories with Robby Shaffer the drummer from Mercy Me and Brother Brad Strand.  In this episode Jeff Jerina, founder and host of the Men Unplugged podcast rolls out the first Monday Mix episode.  An episode where Jeff asks his guests 4 or 5 additional questions after the nomral interview.  In this episode you will hear Brad Strand and Robby Shaffer discuss:

Ways they overcame barriers to communication with their wife.

Activities they perform to engage with their kids.

Their favorite family vacation.

What the Lord is showing them personally.

A funny story that happen to each one of them.

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