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80: Decoys of Deception and the Strategy to Avoid Them
Mar 29, 2019 · 1 hr 8 min
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Decoys of deception not only affect your life in a negative way but in the lives of those you know.  Get ready for some serious fire power as Jeff chats with acclaimed outdoorsman, Jimmy Sites, to give you the strategy to recognize and avoid these sin areas in your life.  You’ll hear some cool stories from Jimmy Sites hunting with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty.  Plus valuable words of wisdom and practical tips that will strengthen your walk with the Lord and equip you as a real man of God.

Key Tips: 

  • Satan’s most volatile strategy comes into play by desensitizing men and women to sin
  • Satan is causing a lot of men to stumble by getting a man to think that something less sinful is not that bad.
  • Like John the Baptist and Joseph when running from Potiphar’s wife you have to run from temptation to keep free from sin.
  • Relax in God’s will… you don’t have to please anyone… focus on pleasing God
  • If you're a hunter, fisherman or outdoorsman don’t let your hunting and fishing trips get in the way of your time worshipping God with others

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