Men Unplugged
77: How to Reduce Stress, Improve Your Relationships, and Live Your Strengths
Mar 5, 2019 · 1 hr 10 min
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Discover how you can communicate better with others, reduce stress, increase your productivity, unlock your leadership potential and uncover those blindspots that have a tendency to hold you back?  When you understand what your personality style is - you will understand how God has wired you and how you come across to others.  Jeff and international speaker, Dr. Robert Rohm, give you the inside scoop on the Men Unplugged resource that will help you, your spouse, kids or co-workers in these areas and more.

Key Tips:

  • You will never be led by God until you understand you personality, because that’s how He leads you through your personality.
  • If you want to get different results while communicating with others, you need to communicate differently in a way they will respond
  • Husband and wives often times do not understand how to communicate with one another because they do not understand one another’s personality style.
  • There is no good or bad personalty.  There is no right or wrong.  This is about understanding yourself and others to build better teams, communicate better, lower your stress level and increase productivity.
  • What was Jesus Christ’s personality style.  Jesus responded the best way in every situation, every time for the most appropriate reason to honor God the Father in every situation.


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