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17: Embracing the Call on Your Life with Boston Red Sox pro scout and former baseball player, Brandon Agamenonne
Mar 27, 2018 · 19 min
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Find out how you can embrace the call that God has on your life. Key lessons from the life of Jesus Christ and how we as men need to follow His lead as being a servant leader first.  Scout for the Boston Red Sox and former professional pitcher, Brandon Agamenonne is on the Men Unplugged podcast with Jeff Jerina.

Remember Jesus Christ’s number one mission was to seek and save those who are lost and by sacrificing His life for others He gave us an example to follow.  Jesus was a servant leader.  As men we are called to be a servant leader.  If you’re a husband or a father your first ministry should be in your home.  Humility is a key step in embracing the call in your life.  Pride is a sin that holds every man back.  To help you find your true calling sign up to the Men Unplugged community and receive a FREE PDF copy of Jeff’s book, 10 Steps to Power and Purpose.  A simple guide to finding and living your true calling in life.

From his own experience, Brandon talks about how tough it can be to have your priorities misaligned.  Spend quality time with your kids.  

From severe neck injury as a high school football quarterback the Lord directed Brandon to a career in baseball as a pitcher.

Brandon talks about his time playing baseball and a little about hard work and dedication to make it in Major League Baseball.  A word about being mentally tough.

To find your calling go to the Bible, ask the Lord to reveal it to you.  Another place to start is to practice humility by asking your wife and kids how you can serve them.  

Key points:

God's Word, prayer and the practice of humility are excellent starting points for Embracing the Call on Your LIfe.

You are creating a legacy no matter what you do.  Will it be one that serves others or yourself.

Christ's number one mission to seek and save those who are lost.  Luke 19:10

Jesus was a servant leader, we as men need to be as well.

Don't let the sin of pride hold you back from your true calling.

Time reveals truth.

Know whose you are rather than what you do!

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