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19: Factual evidence and answers to defend your faith with apologist Bodie Hodge
Mar 29, 2018 · 30 min
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An amazing discussion and training session for defending your faith (apologetics) with Jeff Jerina's guest Bodie Hodge of Answers in Genesis a partner of Men Unplugged.  

Topics mentioned in this podcast, evangelism, defending your faith, apologetics, apologetics for teens, apologetics for kids, evolution, Noah’s Ark, Big Bang theory, ark of the covenant, dinosaurs, Jonah and the whale, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, divine creation.

Factual evidence that a believer can share with a skeptic.

Jeff notes something that he shares with others in his evangelism training and upcoming book that you need to learn how to share your faith before you can defend it and how evangelism and apologetics work together. 

Jeff says one of the best things to do is to ask non-believers why they think a certain way.  By doing this, you will be able to understand and navigate more clearly what that person believes.  A lot of times, a person’s worldview is based on the viewpoints of their parents or others who have influenced them throughout their life. 

Bodie Hodge former mechanical engineer now works at Answers in Genesis.

Jeff asks Bodie how he went from engineering to being a Christian apologist.  

Jeff asks Bodie to share why he is so passionate about apologetics.

The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved by Ken Hamm

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The key is the interpretation of the evidence.

Soft tissue in dinosaur bones good evidence of divine creation.

Bishop Bell’s tomb at Carlisle Cathedral in northern England.  Bishop Bell is actually buried in the church.

Skeptics a lot of times want to mock what we believe as Christians.  


What is the significance of believing in creation versus evolution.

Bodie says if there was a big bang theory there would be no right and wrong.

Jeff asks what evidence is there to support young earth creationism versus other theories.  Bodie says have a proper understanding of the evidence.  So often we are told the secular interpretation of it and just accept it.  Look at rock layers from a flood.

When we look at the evidence everything makes sense that the earth is young.  Coal, oil, fossil formation, canyons, stalagmites, etc.

Tower of Babel - historical and archeological evidence on it.  Can trace these people groups all around the world.

A chat about Noah, his sons and his grandsons.

Bodie Hodge says that when people started to buy in a evolutionary worldview racism started to explode.  

Jeff talks about Genesis 11, Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 1:1 using the Hebrew word Elohim the composite unity word for God.  Showing the Triune Godhead.  

How using these verses are a good tool to share the Gospel to someone of another faith. 

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