The Premed Years
The Premed Years
Sep 16, 2013
43: MCAT 2015 - Everything You Need to Know Now
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In today’s episode, Ryan talks with Owen Farcy, Director of MCAT 2015 at Kaplan and host of The Pulse, Kaplan’s monthly webinar series.

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Kaplan’s MCAT 2015 Page with sign up for the MCAT 2015 Practice Test

The Pulse – Monthly Pre-med Webinar Series

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Safe For Work
Safe For Work
Bouncing Back From Failure
Failure is often seen as something negative, but it’s not always a bad thing. When one door closes, another opens. Or, if you’re like television and film producer Nina Jacobson, you make your own door, so to speak. Jacobson’s credits include The Hunger Games and Crazy Rich Asians. But she was also fired as a Walt Disney Company studio exec more than a decade ago. In this episode, Jacobson will talk about what she learned from her own failures to become the success she is today. Then, Liz and Rico give will give some advice to listener Nicole, who’s trying to juggle her new role as a “middle manager.” In other words, she’s managing others while working under her own boss. We’ll also hear from listener Dustin, who feels out of place among his more privileged colleagues. And in this week’s Mind the Gap segment, Liz and Rico will tackle hypothetical workplace situations, like whether you should stick your hand in that communal candy bowl on your colleague’s desk. As always, if you've got a burning workplace question and need some advice, don't hesitate to send us an email (that email, unsurprisingly, is also You can also find us on Twitter, we’re @SafeFor Work. Don't forget to follow our sage hosts on Twitter, too; they're @SSLiz and @RicoGagliano. And if you want to check out Liz’s other show, Satellite Sisters, you can find it on Apple Podcasts or Art19. To hear more episodes, listen exclusively with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for this and more exclusives, binges, early access, and ad free listening. Available in the Wondery App.
37 min
Gallup Theme Thursday
Gallup Theme Thursday
Gallup Webcasts
Theme Thursday Season Wrap, 2021 Preview: Developing Teams and Managers -- Season 6
We summarize and wrap Season 6 of Theme Thursday, and discover what we have learned about the 34 CliftonStrengths talent themes this season plus discover what's in store for 2021. When we improve teams through owning our CliftonStrengths, we improve performance. When we improve performance, that's how we get to the kind of organic growth that allows us to have stronger economies, a stronger world and better wellbeing. And great managers hold the key: As they move from boss to coach, they help team members understand who they are already and hold them accountable for being even better, maximizing the team's engagement and impact. You might even be a manager in ways you never thought of! So join Jim Collison and Maika Leibbrandt for this Season 6 Wrap, as we focus on teams and managers. Strong themes, stronger teams. View the complete transcript for this webcast, along with audio and video, at Everybody needs a coach. By becoming a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, you can empower others to succeed. We are teaching and training people all over the world to answer this call. You too can become a coach and learn how to use a strengths-based approach to improve employee engagement and performance and transform your workplace culture. To learn more or discover information about becoming a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, visit Gallup Access: Gallup's Theme Thursday is a live webcast that targets current and prospective coaches to interact with Gallup experts and independent strengths coaches who have found success in strengths-based development.
36 min
Born to Impact
Born to Impact
Joel Marion
How to Give Life-Changing Gifts, Feat. John Ruhlin, with Joel Marion – BTI 84
Get ready for a fascinating conversation with John Ruhlin! Today, John Ruhlin joins us to discuss Giftology, the science of gift-giving. John Ruhlin is the founder of Giftology and the world’s leading authority on maximizing relationships and loyalty, both personal and business, through radical generosity. He is also the author of the best-selling book “Giftology” and a highly sought after keynote speaker. John and Giftology have been featured in and on Fox News, Forbes, Fast Company, Ink Magazine, and the New York Times. A short list of John’s many clients include: Raymond James, the Chicago Cubs, and Caesars Palace. Even more, John is a loyal husband, a loving father of four, an amazing friend, and an all-around stellar human being living out a Born to Impact life firsthand. In this episode, we discuss: -Why gifts are so important -How to build your relationship plan -How to avoid giving bad gifts -Why unexpected gifts are best -The “look before you leap” of gift-giving And so much more. John’s story will inspire you, encourage you, and pull you even closer to living the life you were born to live ... don't miss it. Even more, be sure to subscribe to the Born to Impact podcast to ensure you get notified as new episodes release each week! After listening, connect with John on Instagram @JohnRuhlin, and be sure to check out Giftology at
1 hr 29 min
Future of Agriculture
Future of Agriculture
Tim Hammerich
FOA 228: Solving the Rural Connectivity Problem with Dr. Sara Spangelo of Swarm
Rural locations often have limited connectivity to cellular data. Dr. Sara Spangelo is the CEO and co-founder of Swarm Technologies. Their company launches constellations of small, sandwich-sized, low cost, two-way satellites into lower orbit space to provide affordable global connectivity. Different space programs offer them access to launching their devices including Space-X and Vega among others. “That will provide us with a network of 150 satellites for global continuous coverage - covering every point on earth at all times and essentially providing a lower cost version of existing networks.” - Dr. Sara Spangelo Swarm technologies is finding a home in agriculture technology as a solution to poor cellular connection. Sensor type devices will be able to send data continuously to producers at a reasonable cost. The business itself involves the acquisition of a modem that would then get embedded into a third party device. Users are then charged based on their data volume. The target customer is agriculture technology companies to have their technology incorporated into their devices with the end consumer being the producers. “90% of our world has no connectivity except for these very prohibitively expensive solutions. And that’s really what Swarm is trying to solve for, that 90%, at an affordable point.” - Dr. Sara Spangelo Dr. Spangelo recommends any interested companies contact them soon. Their connectivity capacity is limited so getting in line early may prove significant. Swarm Technologies is already working on the next iteration of their technology to provide more to their customers. The satellites function for 4 years before experiencing complete destruction upon entering earth's atmosphere giving them the opportunity to continually replace their equipment without any additional pollution in space. Stay tuned to the end of the episode for a startup spotlight featuring Bloomfield Robotics CEO Mark DeSantis. Bloomfield uses artificial intelligence to help producers learn more about their crop conditions. “We’re creating a massive digital database of plant phenotypes.” - Mark DeSantis This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast: * Meet Dr. Sara Spangelo, CEO and co-founder of Swarm Technologies * Explore the connectivity their technology in space satellites can offer remote areas * Learn about the process of launching satellites and find out what makes Swarm Technology unique in the connectivity space * “Startup Spotlight” featuring Mark DeSantis of Bloomfield Robotics Join the FOA Community! Be sure to join the new Future of Agriculture Membership for even more valuable information on the future of the ag industry. Future of Agriculture Website AgGrad Website
41 min
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