The Premed Years
The Premed Years
Feb 29, 2016
171: Reapplying to Med School - What You Need to Know to Improve
35 min

Christine is the former Dean of Admissions at UC Irvine and talks to us today about the biggest reason premeds get rejected and the steps to correct an app.

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Medics Money podcast
Medics Money podcast
Ep 16 - Earn while you sleep? Investing for doctors
Unless you want to earn every penny of your wealth working at the coalface until you reach retirement, you need an alternative income and investing could be it. Thanks to compound interest - the earlier you start investing the better. In this episode we give you everything you need to get started. We talk about stocks v bonds v cash v property. The importance of matching your risk to your portfolio and how diversification can mitigate risk. We talk about the importance of minimising costs of investing and show you a new way of building a low cost portfolio yourself using low cost roboadvice. Start investing today Contact Mike Harms here Watch the webinar with live Q+A Want to join the next webinar and stay up to date with the latest financial information for doctors? Join 22,500 doctors receiving free financial CPD via email by downloading our free ebook here Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount you invested. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. This does not constitute advice and advice should be sought in all instances before acting on it. Medical and General is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
50 min
The Podcast by KevinMD
The Podcast by KevinMD
Kevin Pho, MD
Parenting in a pandemic: Making the best decisions for your family
"You have made difficult choices about your family’s health and safety already. Pediatricians help parents make these kinds of decisions all the time. The shared- decision model for practicing medicine encourages doctors like me to help provide information and counseling to empower you to make decisions. You’ve already made decisions essential to your family’s health, whether about vaccination, safe sleep, or car seats. Other more everyday decisions parents make also carry real risk — driving while tired or distracted or selecting other activities like skiing or soccer. You can make difficult decisions and, in the process of coping with the pandemic, maybe you’ll learn more about what’s important to your family." Kelly Fradin is a pediatrician and author of Parenting in a Pandemic: How to help your family through COVID-19. She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, "Parenting in a pandemic: Making the best decisions for your family." ( This episode is sponsored by Elsevier Health ( Looking to update your personal or professional medical library? Shop Elsevier Health’s Holiday Sale and save up to 35% on your purchase of medical books! Plus, you can take an extra 5% off your order with code KEVINMD at checkout. Take advantage of the biggest sale of the year from Elsevier, the world-leading provider of medical books and reference materials. Shop now through December 31.
14 min
Flusterclux: Fix Anxiety With Lynn Lyons LICSW
Flusterclux: Fix Anxiety With Lynn Lyons LICSW
Robin Hutson, Lynn Lyons LICSW
Reassurance Traps: How to Know When Anxiety Is In Control
"It'll be okay." "Everything will be fine." "I'm right here." Our kids turned to us for reassurance, and anxious kids ask for a lot of it. When we tell them everything will be fine, it feels like the right thing to do in the moment. But is it? How does our well-meaning reassurance interfere with our children developing critical psychological skills? And what should we do instead? We'll answer that question in this week's episode of Flusterclux with Lynn Lyons, the show for real talk about worry and other big feelings in parenting. Lynn Lyons 0:32 Hi, I'm Lynn Lyons. I'm an anxiety expert, speaker, Mom and author. I've been a therapist for 30 years. Robin Hutson 0:38 You're here because your family has some anxiety issues, or you want to prevent them. I'm your co-host and Lynn's sister in law, Robin, and I'm here to ask your questions. Lynn Lyons 0:47 Parenting can be a Flusterclux, and I'll help you find your way. There are so many things that we do for our kids, things that are loving and caring and supportive. Things that feel intuitive. Things that we know make our kids feel better. Oh, but if you've heard me talk about these things, oftentimes when it comes to worry and anxiety, there are a few of these things that get a little bit tricky, a little bit sticky. And we're going to talk about one of those. Today, we're going to talk about reassurance. Watch the What I know What I don't Know video on Lynn's Facebook page of her explaining the game. Manage Your Kids' Screen Time The Circle lets you set daily limits for different apps and social media. It also controls your kid's Wi Fi schedules, and you can adjust age appropriate filters for searches from little kids to teens. Our affiliate link will get you $20 off a Circle. Join the Flusterclux Facebook group so that you can ask your question on a future episode. New episodes arrive Friday at 12:00AM EST. Follow Flusterclux on Facebook and Instagram. Follow Lynn Lyons on Twitter and Youtube.
31 min
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