The Premed Years
The Premed Years
Sep 23, 2020
409: A Behind The Scenes Look at a Mock Interview
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In this episode of the Premed Years, we take a look at a mock interview Dr. Gray did with a student. At the end of the day, it is just a conversation.


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The Premed Playbook: Guide to the Medical School Interview

No Bullsh!t Leadership
No Bullsh!t Leadership
Martin Moore
Unlocking Diversity: The Power of Difference
Episode #113 // In the last couple of decades, we’ve seen an increasing focus on embracing diversity. The emphasis on this is often limited to gender diversity, as we look to achieve increased representation of women in senior leadership positions. But even though gender is clearly a priority area, diversity needs to go way further if we truly want to achieve better outcomes. There are two distinct steps to harnessing the power of diversity. The first is to select and retain the right people in your team, and the second is to tap into the diverse capability that you’ve assembled. In this episode, we look at what really constitutes diversity, and provide some tips and suggestions for unlocking it. There’s not much point in having a diverse team unless you can liberate people’s unique perspectives, experiences, and insights to improve organisational outcomes, and ultimately deliver greater value. // We are on a mission to hit 1 million listens by the 31st December 2020. To help us to reach this goal, and impact even more leaders just like you who would benefit from the strategies and tools that Marty covers in the podcast, please share the podcast with your network. You can also subscribe, follow, rate and review the podcast, that will help more leaders find us when they’re searching for a new leadership podcast to binge on. If we hit our goal, we will be running a completely free live virtual leadership event in February 2021, and we would love for you to be there! Keep up with the live listener number and see how close we are to our goal at    See for privacy and opt-out information.
21 min
Juicebox Podcast: Type 1 Diabetes
Juicebox Podcast: Type 1 Diabetes
Scott Benner
#401 Alisa Weilerstein
Alisa Weilerstein has type 1 diabetes and is an American classical cellist. Music courtesy of Pentatone records. Show notes for people who are Bold with Insulin Visit and Alisa on Instagram. Add your voice to the T1DExchange > Gvoke Glucagon the only Pre-Mixed glucagon > CONTOUR NEXT ONE smart meter and CONTOUR DIABETES app > Find out more about the Dexcom CGM > Get an FREE Omnipod Demo today > Learn about Touched By Type 1 A full list of our sponsors How to listen, disclaimer and more Apple Podcasts> Subscribe to the podcast today! The podcast is available on Spotify, Google Play, iHeartRadioRadio Public, Amazon Music and all Android devices The show is now available as an Alexa skill. My type 1 diabetes parenting blog Arden's Day Listen to the Juicebox Podcast online Read my award winning memoir: Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal: Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Dad The Juicebox Podcast is a free show, but if you'd like to support the podcast directly, you can make a gift here. Thank you! Follow Scott on Social Media @ArdensDay @JuiceboxPodcast Disclaimer - Nothing you hear on the Juicebox Podcast or read on Arden's Day is intended as medical advice. You should always consult a physician before making changes to your health plan. If the podcast has helped you to live better with type 1 please tell someone else how to find the show and consider leaving a rating and review on iTunes. Thank you! Arden's Day and The Juicebox Podcast are not charitable organizations.
1 hr 8 min
Gemba Academy Podcast: Lean Manufacturing | Lean Office | Six Sigma | Toyota Kata | Productivity | Leadership
Gemba Academy Podcast: Lean Manufacturing | Lean Office | Six Sigma | Toyota Kata | Productivity | Leadership
Ron Pereira: Lean Thinker & Co-Founder of Gemba Academy
GA 343 | The Role of Ops Leaders in Integrating Lean with Jamie Parker
This week's guest is Jamie Parker. Ron and Jamie discussed the role and responsibilities of ops leaders, and the challenges they face. Jamie also explained why "implementing" lean might not be the best approach.  A MP3 audio version of this episode is available for download here. In this episode you'll learn:  About Jamie's podcast (4:23) The quote that inspires Jamie (6:17) Jamie's background (9:10) The role ops leaders play in organizational culture (11:42) The potential pitfalls (16:01) Shifting to lean as a better way of working (25:45) Podcast Resources Right Click to Download this Podcast as an MP3 Download a Free Audio Book at Jamie on LinkedIn Jamie's Website Jamie's Podcast GA 041 | FedEx Office's Lean Journey with Jamie Parker GA 120 | How to Invest in People with Jamie Parker GA 149 | How to Teach TWI with Jamie Parker GA 245 | How to Coach Leaders to Coach Others with Jamie Parker Subscribe & Never Miss New Episodes! Click to Subscribe in iTunes If you enjoyed this podcast please be sure to subscribe on iTunes. Once you're a subscriber all new episodes will be downloaded to your iTunes account and smartphone. The easiest way for iPhone users to listen to the show is via the free, and incredible, Podcast app.  NEW! You can now follow the podcast on Spotify here.  You can also subscribe via Stitcher which is definitely Android friendly. What Do You Think? What other pitfalls might ops leaders face?
30 min
Future of Agriculture
Future of Agriculture
Tim Hammerich
FoA 229: NanoGuard is Reducing Food Waste and Improving Food and Feed Safety
Typically when we think of food waste we imagine processed food ending up in the landfill. In this episode we explore a solution to reduce crop waste caused by microbes, mycotoxins or viral particles. Nanoguard Technologies has developed a device to reduce the microbial load without any residue or additional chemical input. Larry Clarke is the CEO of Nanoguard Technologies and joins us today to share the advances the company is making. “Being able to reduce these mycotoxins saves the farmer from getting the discounts, allows him a non-complex supply chain by being able to get rid of his grain, peanuts and rice, but it also allows the animal industry to have better efficiencies.” - Larry Clarke With limited treatment options, many producers have to resort to devaluing their crop in order to find a market. As well as helping row crop producers, this new technology also contributes to longer shelf lives of fresh produce and even meat products due to reduced microbial activities. “We’re seeing shelf life extensions, 3 - 5 days on fruits and vegetables, a week or more on meats. We’ve seen tomatoes last upwards of 28 days longer. So the longer we have within our supply chain to keep these products fresh, the more likely they are not going to be wasted.” - Larry Clarke The device uses a high voltage cold plasma technology that activates the air causing reactive gases that are then capable of killing microbes, detoxifying mycotoxins and deactivating viruses. There is no assumed residue and very low variable costs. The upfront investment is in the device itself which is then incorporated into machinery likely to be at grain and processing facilities already. Currently they are still in the testing phase but the potential ramifications are endless and can really make a difference in the global food supply chain. This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast: * Meet Larry Clarke, CEO of Nanoguard Technologies * Discover what this company is offering producers to mitigate crop and food loss * Explore the potential global impact this device can make Join the FOA Community! Be sure to join the new Future of Agriculture Membership for even more valuable information on the future of the ag industry. Find us online! Future of Agriculture Website AgGrad Website
39 min
The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk
The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk
Ryan Hawk
389: Ed Latimore - How To Control Your Mind, Body, & Emotions
Text LEARNERS to 44222 for more Full show notes at Twitter/IG: @RyanHawk12 Notes: Episode #389: Ed Latimore * The four life lessons: * “Never underestimate the power of being likeable and controlling your emotions.” * "Nothing is neutral. People are trying to help you or move ahead of you. In basic training, he was a terrible shot. He failed the shooting test three times (which was the limit), and yet got a fourth chance because he was likable. And then passed. "They saw me working hard, so they helped me." * How to be more likable? -- "Don't curry favor. Be you... Have high standards. Treat everyone with respect. Have impeccable manners. Be comfortable with the fact that you're not for everyone." * “No one cares what happened to you or what you’ve been through. No one is coming to save you.” * "Society is not going to take pity on you if your problems create problems for others." You need to work to through your own issues and ow your actions. Don't take your trauma out on others." * How has Ed built the perspective to not be a victim? "It's about delivering value to others. And not subtracting it. That's destructive. Forgiveness is a powerful idea. Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." * “The most powerful belief you can have is that given enough time, you can learn anything. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Hiroshima was wiped out in seconds.” * Keep plotting along... Ed did this as a boxer and math and with every aspect of his life. Keep going. "Fall in love with the process." * "Make a movement with intention and in pursuit." * “A limitation is only as powerful as the energy you give to it. Your dreams also follow this same law.” * "You'll only be as successful as your worst habit." * "You must recognize the problem and/or the limitation." * High achievers tend to be a paradox. They have self-confidence combined with insecurity. It creates a fusion reaction. It drives them to continually prove themselves. * How is money made? "Give people something they want." * Ed desires to be the most interesting version of himself * Compartmentalization: * You can't approach others with a sense that you're better than them * You must be adaptable to a variety of circumstances * Understand the dichotomy of being confident and humble at the same time
1 hr 13 min
Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast
Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast
Travis Sherry
Where To Go & When w/ Sherry Ott
In her 11 years of living nomadically, she’s circled the globe multiple times visiting all 7 continents. She lived in Vietnam, hiked the Annapurna Circuit with her father, finished the 10,000-mile Mongol Rally, walked the Camino de Santiago, kayaked in Antarctica, herded reindeer in the Arctic, and drove an auto-rickshaw across India. While quarantining in her home in Denver - she used her time to work on a new Ebook, Where to Go, and When. The book provides inspirational ideas of where to travel each month (for when we can travel again). For each month she chose 3 destinations to satisfy different travel styles (epic adventure, domestic trip, and an international trip or festival) with a short overview of the interesting, cool and quirky things to do there. The destinations were chosen based on trips Sherry has actually done over her 14 years as a travel blogger. My good friend and incredible writer and photographer - one of the OG’s of travel blogging - Sherry Ott from What is your favorite place to go in a specific month? Let us know by tagging us in a post on Instagram at @ExtraPackofPeanuts.In This Episode * 05:20 Homebasing After Being Nomadic For 11 Years * 12:00 How Fast Was She Moving As A Digital Nomad * 17:25 Do You Still Want The New Places Or The Comforts Of Places You've Been * 19:15 How The Pandemic Has Affected Sherry's Life & The Positives Of It All * 25:45 Exploring The West Via Road Trips * 33:30 Flirting & Planning For Future Travels * 36:30 Where To Go & When Travel Book * 38:50 Travel By Month * 42:00 Destinations That Are Surprising & Fun * 50:30 Lesser-Known Options & Trusting Advice From People Who Have Been There * 57:30 Save & Splurge: What Do You Save On & What Do You Splurge On * 01:05:30 Biggest Travel Mishap Important Links * Find Sherry at * Follow Sherry on Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest | Twitter * FREE Ebook Download of Where to Go & When * Wisconsin Supper Clubs Blog Post * Pooping Christmas Log Blog Post * Northern Argentina & Chile Travel Blog Post * Antarctica Travel Blog Post * Location Indie * Want to follow our adventures? Check out our Instagram's @ExtraPackOfPeanuts, @HeatherSherry, and @TravelingWhitMyles Want More? * Taking A Career Break With Sherry Ott Part 1 * Taking A Career Break With Sherry Ott Part 2 * The Beauty Of Imperfect Travels w/ Christine & Jules
1 hr 23 min
Tilted: A Lean In Podcast
Tilted: A Lean In Podcast
Rachel Thomas
Taking back power in politics with Aimee Allison & Lorella Praeli
For far too long, women of color have been overlooked and underrepresented in U.S. politics. In this episode of Tilted, we talk to two women fighting tirelessly to change that—for the 2020 election and beyond. First, you’ll hear from Aimee Allison, the founder of She the People, about how she is building one of the country’s most influential political networks for women of color. Then, you'll hear from Lorella Praeli, who leads the political advocacy group Community Change. Lorella first jumped into politics to fight for the rights of undocumented students like herself, and then mobilized the Latinx vote for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Both of these women are courageous leaders challenging the status quo to build a much fairer, more equal political system for all of us. Tune in and find out how you can, too. More about our guests: * Aimee Allison is founder and president of She the People, a national network elevating the voice and power of women of color. A democratic innovator and visionary, Aimee leads national efforts to build inclusive, multiracial coalitions led by women of color. * Lorella Praeli is the co-president of Community Change, a national organization focused on building the political power of those most marginalized by injustice, especially low-income people of color. Sign-up for LeanIn.Org's newsletter here.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
45 min
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