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The Spontaneous Thanksgiving Episode - Looking Back
Nov 28, 2019 · 11 min
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What better way to wrap up a year of insights than on Thanksgiving? It might sound like a cliché but we at MediaVillage, and me personally, E.B. Moss, are really thankful for everyone who listens and reads our content. A big focus at MediaVillage is on educating the marketplace in such a fast-evolving industry as media and marketing. There’s a LOT of info out there and things are constantly changing. So apropos Thanksgiving, I hope this podcast has been a good way for you to digest some of that info!

Some look-back episodes use clips, but while I started out years ago in local radio splicing audio together with tape, I leave the digital editing to either the folks at Hangar Studios in New York, or with the amazingly patient and talented Eric Klein as my main editor. So a THANK you on this thanksgiving to them and apologies this is just a spontaneous episode without fancy editing, but I wanted to spotlight a few sample episodes, ICYMI. 

Starting with one that's also apropos Thanksgiving maybe catch the most, episode 49 with Julie Haddon and Jen Kavanagh, two women powering NFL and Philadelphia Eagles marketing respectively. 

I also recommend you check out some of the other powerful players I've had the good fortune to speak with: from Bozoma Saint John to Sir Martin Sorrell! I'm not just name dropping; everyone has really contributed to a great season of InSites. Two of the most popular episodes were with CMOs launching new brands at big companies: Kirk McDonald on kicking off ATT's Xandr division, and Minjae Ormes who braved the rain to pop into a noisy restaurant for a very spontaneous interview about Verizon's new disruptor, Visible. And Joseph Jaffe was on hand for Epi 48 to warn other big companies about how to pivot or face demise. 

The list goes on -- from Paul Marobella of Havas NA, to Alicia Tillman of SAP. And great fun to pull in my smart coworkers, like Jeff Minsky and Charlene Weisler when it came to speaking research with the wonks of Omnicom or Starcom.

Now here's a bit of news: Insider InSites is taking a little break for the holidays. Didn't want to leave you without a word, or 5000. I might squeeze out one more episode in December, but otherwise look for it to return in January. But, and Minsky would say, "that's not all!"  You can still hear more -- and more of me, E.B. Moss. 

If you haven't heard it yet, please do yourself a favor and catch all episodes of MediaVillage's Advancing Diversity podcast, which I co-host with our editor, Ginger Conlon. This features the conversations with the people doing the most to actively impact the amount of diversity and inclusion in our industry. Think: Tony Rogers of Sam's Club to Tiffany R. Warren of Omnicom, Jill Baskin of The Hershey Company and so on! And consider coming to meet them all during CES as they are inducted in the D&I Hall of Honors. 

I'm also a contributor on the new podcast from Podcast Movement, Sessions, launching next week -- with good advice from a lot of folks on building a podcast business.

Speaking of which, I am finally launching my own PERSONAL podcast. You heard it hear first... or you will if you look for "It's Quite A Living" Podcast, coming late December. You can stay tuned by following on Twitter or IG @QuiteALiving. I'll speak to my friends in high places, with conversations on personal paths and professional success...authors, to movie stars! 

And finally, a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who has listened, liked, appreciated these podcasts. It's a joy. I thank you for sharing, and send you best wishes for a holiday season filled with warmth, love and InSites.

E.B. Moss


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