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Tyler Moody on Creating the Warner Media Podcast Network
May 2, 2019 · 28 min
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Vice President of WarnerMedia Podcast Network Tyler Moody’s job is anything but simple. In this episode of Insider InSites MediaVillage “Alli on Audio” columnist, Alli Romano and E.B. Moss, Head of Content Strategy, asked Moody about the intricacies of his work and his thumbprint on the evolution of a podcast network that spans Conan O'Brien to CNN. We talked about the unique challenges of building an audio division within a video-driven company, along with the great cross-promotion opportunities.

Here’s an edited topline of takeaways so listen to the full podcast here -- or subscribe anywhere you get your podcasts -- for the full insights of Episode 33: Spotify, iHeartRadio, GooglePodcasts, Apple, Stitcher and TuneIn.

After running the radio circuit (and like me is a “radio brat” – moving from market to next largest market), Moody moved to CNN at WarnerMedia (then Turner) when it dawned on him that the sum of the podcast parts could be a big deal. Now his days are caught up in an abundance of ideas and brand activations across platforms...all while navigating the rebranding from Turner to WarnerMedia, and corralling myriad show creators to create one cohesive picture.

Listen now to Warner Media’s Tyler Moody to:

  • Hear about navigating radio vs podcasting. (“I love the experience of listening; I love the connection that listeners have with hosts and shows; and the imagination theater of the mind.”)
  • Learn which tools he utilizes to bring WarnerMedia’s podcasts front and center. (“[It’s] a challenge that everybody faces,” Moody explains. “We are starting to leverage even more of the tools at our disposal.”)
  • Get thoughts on the keys to successfully monetizing and cross-promoting via podcasting.
  • Hear Moody’s take on the podcast industry’s need for listening-based metrics (Hint: he says the current data might be good enough.)
  • Understand how he educates marketers on podcast advertising ("Agencies and brands have people that work there that are avid podcast listeners and they'll be telling their bosses, we've gotta be running ads in podcasts," Moody said.)
  • Identify the underserved audiences in podcasting and learn what WarnerMedia is doing to reach them.
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