Living Fully Alive
Living Fully Alive
Sep 30, 2021
#2: Feeling the Rainbow of Emotions
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Most of us were taught that there were “good” emotions and “bad” emotions. Some were sanctioned and some were not. And so we walk around thinking that if we feel the “bad” emotions, we are weak or crazy. And so, as we move through life, most of us are chasing happiness but unwilling to feel the discomfort of grief, sadness, loneliness, shame or guilt. But as Brene Brown says, “When we numb the dark, we numb the light.” In order to feel fully alive, we have to give ourselves permission to feel it all. In this episode, Mary walks you through 5 ways to stretch yourself as you relate to your emotions so that you can begin feeling the full rainbow. When we let ourselves be fully human all of life opens up. Because the truth is, we feel all day everyday, and once we learn how to name our emotions and create space for them without judgement we can receive the gift they each individually offer.


- The importance of increasing your emotional vocabulary

- How emotions are fluid and always changing 

- Experiencing the ebb and flow of emotions

- Why the contrast with emotions makes it all sweeter

- Emotional seasons of life

- The gift of challenging emotions

- Approaching emotions as neutral - not good or bad 

- Letting yourself feel many emotions at once 

- And more! 



In this 8 part series we will be talking about Feeling To Heal in order to Live Fully Alive




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