May 10, 2012
MarketFoolery: 05.10.2012
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Our analysts discuss two stocks that are undervalued, two stocks that are overvalued, and two financial stories that have been overlooked.

All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg
All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg
Jason Calacanis
E10: Twitter & Facebook botch censorship (again), the publisher vs. distributor debate & more
Follow the crew: Follow the pod: Sacks' blog post on Section 230: Referenced in the show: NY Post Hunter Biden Story Twitter's explanation for censoring it Facebook's explanation for censoring it Updated CDC survival rates Show Notes: 0:00 The besties catch up on the news 1:29 NY Post Hunter Biden story & censorship by Twitter/Facebook 7:27 What is section 230 & how does it play into the publisher vs. distributor debate 13:23 Distinguishing between publishers & distributors 28:30 Why Twitter & Facebook's actions with the NY Post were a huge blunder & crossed a line, should the laws be rewritten? 37:21 Trump beats COVID, what that means for better treatment options, dueling town halls 46:14 Sacks explains his stance on Prop 13 & Zuckerberg's pro-Prop 15 lobbying 54:34 Thoughts on Amy Coney Barrett & Biden's large lead in the polls
1 hr 4 min
Invest Like the Best
Invest Like the Best
Patrick O'Shaughnessy
Brad Gerstner and Rich Barton – Thriving in Changing Markets - [Invest Like the Best, EP.197]
My guests today are Rich Barton and Brad Gerstner. Brad is the founder of Altimeter Capital and is one of my favorite active investors. Brad and Altimeter were one of the largest investors in Snowflake in its earlier days and continue to invest in iconic modern businesses with an extreme focus. Rich has one of the most impressive resumes in the business world. He founded Expedia, Glassdoor, and Zillow; He’s a longtime Netflix board member, since before they went public; he’s a venture partner at Benchmark Capital; and he give back through the Barton family foundation. Our conversation covers Rich’s “power to the people,” strategy, Brad and Rich’s perspectives on taking companies public through SPACs vs. IPOs, and their perspectives on how to build a great company. This one is so fun, we even discuss how to come up with company names, talk about the importance Wizard of Oz, and explore the importance of big hairy audacious goals. I really enjoyed this conversation with two of the smartest people I know, and I hope you will too. This episode is brought to you by Koyfin, one of the fastest growing fintech startups. I discovered Koyfin earlier this year when I asked twitter for the best Bloomberg alternative, and the overwhelming winner was an intriguing new product called Koyfin. Koyfin has tons of high-quality data, powerful functionality, and a nice clean interface. If you’re an individual investor, research analyst, portfolio manager, or financial advisor, you should definitely check them out. Sign up for free at This episode of Invest Like The Best is also sponsored by Assure. Assure is changing the way investors manage private transactions. With Assure, investors can eliminate nearly all the admin cost of private investment. On top of that, they handle all the backend, legal, taxes, accounting, and compliance. All of it, with a straightforward one-time fee. Learn more and try Assure for yourself at For more episodes go to Sign up for the book club and new email newsletter called “Inside the Episode” at Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_oshag Show Notes (2:59) – (First question) – How Brad and Rich met (5:57) – The instant click between them (7:21) – The power to the people perspective (7:29) – Brad Gerstner Podcast Episode (10:21) – Delivering information to consumers (11:31) – The investing perception of data-delivery businesses (13:54) – How they use SPACs (17:38) – How entrepreneurs view SPACs (20:17) – Lessons from their involvement in Altimeter Growth Corp (23:57) – Defining value add investor in the public and private markets (26:36) – The Wizard of OZ and Pygmalions (30:41) – Leadership mold at businesses and big audacious goals (30:44) – No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention (36:05) – Frank Slootman’s leadership style (36:12) – Amp It Up (46:13) – TAPE SUCKS: Inside Data Domain, A Silicon Valley Growth Story (38:11) – Courage in leadership (41:33) – Physical businesses vs digital only businesses (43:34) – Getting companies fit (45:39) – Lessons around talent density (48:28) – State of the world and markets today since the inception of the pandemic (53:46) – Making up words for companies and fertile ground (56:45) – Go to market model vs business model (58:50) – Early days of product market sales (1:03:03) – Advice to early investors and entrepreneurs for the future of their careers (1:08:10) – The board challenge (1:12:06) – What question are they working hard to answer right now (1:16:09) – Kindest thing anyone has done for Rich Learn More For more episodes go to Sign up for the book club and new email newsletter called “Inside the Episode” at Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_oshag
1 hr 18 min
Equity Monday: SAP’s warning, and IPO updates for both Airbnb and Databricks
Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This is Equity Monday, our weekly kickoff that tracks the latest big news, chats about the coming week, digs into some recent funding rounds and mulls over a larger theme or narrative from the private markets. You can follow the show on Twitter here and myself here — and don’t forget to check out last Friday’s episode that includes some high-quality Quibi jokes, if I recall correctly. This was a busy morning, with lots to talk about it. Here's what we got into: * Headlines this morning that caught our eye included falling global stock markets in the wake of rising COVID-19 cases; SAP torched tens of billions of market cap by missing earnings expectations and cutting its forecast; and Ant Group will raise a bajillion dollars in its impending IPO. * In unicorn news, Databricks is prepping an IPO that we already know a lot about. And Airbnb's shares are splitting ahead of its own IPO, a deal that we are expecting any day now. * The PrimaryBid round was super cool, with TechCrunch covering the $50 million deal. I spoke with the company's CEO last week about the deal, sharing some of those notes on the show. And VSPN raised nearly $100 million in an esports round that was more than cool. * On the SAP front, here's the question: Is the earnings miss and forecast miss a one-off, or something that a number of tech companies are going to suffer from? If the former, it's not _that_ big of a deal. If the latter, SAP could be the harbinger of a reset in tech valuations. Shoutout Lewis Hamilton and that G2 series. Ok, chat Thursday!
8 min
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