MEP EP#247: To Bake an Apple Pie
54 min

MEP EP#247: To Bake an Apple Pie


  • PCB Stackup
    • Why is it important to manufacturing?
    • Who should define it?
      • CM?
      • PCB Fabricator?
      • Designer?
  • PCB Bodges
    • Your worst bodge
    • Most proud bodge?
  • DIY Glycol chilling?


  • Brexit and the UKCA Mark
    • New regulatory mark to make things easier…
    • Goes into affect 1 January 2021
      • The UKCA marking can be used from 1 January 2021. However, to allow businesses time to adjust to the new requirements, you will still be able to use the CE marking until 1 January 2022 in most cases.
      • The UKCA marking alone cannot be used for goods placed on the Northern Ireland market, which require the CE marking or UK(NI) marking.
Moore's Lobby: Where engineers talk all about circuits
Moore's Lobby: Where engineers talk all about circuits
All About Circuits
Ep. 13 | How Motorsports Are Accelerating Product Development for Next-Gen Automotive Applications
In this keynote, Lucas and Bryn will engage in discussion with Dave Finch, engineer, New York Times bestselling author, and producer of the Moore's Lobby podcast on All About Circuits. The keynote session will be followed by a live Q&A with the audience.   About Lucas di Grassi Born in Sao Paulo, Lucas di Grassi is one of developers of the highly successful, electric-powered Formula E. Lucas also is a member of the board and developer of Roborace, the racing series for electric cars run by artificial intelligence which is set to become the most efficient developing environment for connected AI-based technology. Recently, Lucas was announced as partner and ambassador for the Electric Scooter Championship (eSC), a new international series aimed to promote both competition and technology development for urban micro-mobility. Di Grassi drew international attention when he drove a Formula E car on the North Pole ice cap to set an alert to global warming. In May 2018, Lucas was appointed ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program with the mission to increase awareness about poor urban air quality, which causes over 6 million premature deaths around the world. Lucas is the most relevant driver of the FIA Formula E history having amassed the impressive sequence of three thirds and a second championship season places, plus the 2017 world title. Having previously competed in Formula One, di Grassi is again a title contender of FIA World Formula E Championship for the official Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler team.   About Bryn Balcombe Bryn Balcombe is the Chief Strategy Officer for Roborace. He received his BEng in Mechanical Engineering and Vehicle Design from the University of Hertfordshire. Balcombe previously spent 16 years working with Formula One racing, architecting communication systems for vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity, as well as implementing the Formula One Global Media Network. He has experience on projects ranging from circuit development to full tracking systems and automated vehicles. Balcombe is the founder of, a non-profit alliance developed to ensure the safe and ethical deployment of human-centric artificial intelligence in automotive applications to prevent road traffic injuries. supports the use of motorsports as a means of accelerated R&D for automotive AI. He additionally serves as the Chair of ITU Focus Group on AI for Autonomous and Assisted Driving for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU FG-AI4AD), where this focus group serves as a forum for international organizations such as governments and research institutions can collaborate to evaluate AI-assisted and automated vehicle safety.
1 hr 29 min
Chris Fisher
339: Trump's Half Concession
Right on time. It's a Trump style concession and it's hardly satisfying for those who wanted to see him lose. I'll share my take on the bigger strategy at play by Trump. But first, we vaccinate ourselves from the media's COVID-19 fear porn. Links: Skelton: Newsom shows hypocrisy at dinner party amid COVID-19 - Los Angeles Times ( Photos emerge of mask-less Gavin Newsom breaking his rules for private gatherings - ( Trump unexpectedly held a 63-second press conference ( Ghislaine Maxwell lawyers complain about jail conditions for Jeffrey Epstein friend ( Lawsuit Reveals Tyson Managers Took Bets On How Many Workers Would Get COVID-19 : NPR ( Betting Pool? Tyson Managers Bet on How Many Workers Would Get COVID. Advocates Call It Grim Pattern | Democracy Now! ( Managers at Tyson meat plant had betting pool on how many workers would get Covid, lawsuit alleges - CNN ( Media, administration deal with conflicts - The Washington Post ( Biden says the White House is cooperating fully with his transition but Trump still won't speak with him | Business Insider ( Maine records $1.4 million in recreational cannabis sales in first month : cannabis ( GSA Acknowledges Biden as Election Winner, Letting Transition Process Start - Bloomberg ( Operation Argus - The Secret Atmospheric Nuclear Tests to Create a Man-Made Radiation Belt : AtomicPorn ( DPS Crew Discovers Mysterious Monolith From Air In Remote Utah Wilderness ( Kissinger tells Biden to go easy on China | TheHill ( Airlines discussing requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for passengers: report | TheHill ( Millions stick to Thanksgiving travel plans despite warnings ( Biden Picks Janet Yellen for Treasury Secretary - WSJ ( Janet Yellen at Treasury Points to Era of Fed Control ( Joe Biden to Nominate Avril Haines for DNI | America 2020 | US News ( Dianne Feinstein to step down as top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary panel ( Covid vaccine: CDC should warn people the side effects from shots won't be 'walk in the park' ( Trump fears Giuliani and other Biden vote challenge lawyers are fools ( China offers world its COVID QR Code movement passport at G20 Leaders' Meeting • The Register ( Sidney Powell Goes After Brian Kemp Over Election Conspiracy ( Analysis: Notoriously noisy president goes (relatively) quiet in wake of election defeat ( Trump's legal team cried vote fraud, but courts found none ( Giuliani releases statement distancing Trump campaign from lawyer Sidney Powell ( Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis Throw Sidney Powell Under Bus ( Air travel: Despite Covid warnings, more than 1 million people passed through US airports Friday - CNN ( Health officials make their final pleas for holiday caution as coronavirus cases spike - NewsTimes ( Chris Christie Tears Into Trump's Legal Team: 'A National Embarrassment' | HuffPost (§ion=politics) U.S. retailer Guitar Center files for bankruptcy | Reuters ( Biden Calls Trump’s Attack on Electoral Process ‘Totally Irresponsible’ - The New York Times ( New York Times Job Listing Shows How Western Propaganda Operates | Zero Hedge ( Frustrated Biden Snaps At Reporter For Shouting Question About Coronavirus | Zero Hedge ( Lawsuit: Tyson managers bet money on how many workers would contract COVID-19 - Iowa Capital Dispatch ( Trump bid to overturn vote crashes into wall of deadlines - POLITICO ( The Founding Fathers and Trump’s refusal to concede: What historians say - The Washington Post ( Michigan Legislators Face Calls For Possible Criminal Charges After Meeting With President Trump On Certification – JONATHAN TURLEY ( Frequent, rapid testing could turn national COVID-19 tide within weeks | CU Boulder Today | University of Colorado Boulder (http…
1 hr 8 min
The Social-Engineer Podcast
The Social-Engineer Podcast
Social-Engineer, LLC
Ep. 135 - Fear of video and snakes with Lisa Forte
In this episode, Chris Hadnagy and Maxie Reynolds are joined by social engineering and insider threats expert: Lisa Forte. Learn how Lisa went from fighting terrorists and real-life sea pirates to being an expert on cybercrime and social engineering. Discover how scammers are taking advantage of global uncertainty and understand how to protect yourself from attack. 00:00 – Introduction to Lisa Forte 02:38 – Lisa's path to a career in social engineering 05:27 – The psychology that terrorists use to recruit teenagers 07:52 – Lisa's experience with fighting cyber crime 08:43 – Why Lisa named her cyber security company “Red Goat” 10:23 – The world pandemic made hospitals and their supply chains vulnerable to attack 14:38 – Keep secure by realizing the value of the information you possess 15:41 - How Cyber Volunteers 19 is helping to save lives by making hospitals secure. (twitter) 21:25 – Ego suspension is a required skill for a good social engineer 25:47 – Find someone who gives you honest feedback 27:28 – How Chris deals with harsh criticism 30:27 – New documentary: “hacker:HUNTER Ha(ck)cine” (Part 1) (Part 2) 34:44 – Lisa's Vlog: “Rebooting” 35:44 – Lisa's and Chris’s experience with exposure therapy. 40:00 – How scammers take advantage of global uncertainty 42:37 – Law enforcement has a big disadvantage when fighting cyber crime 45:42: Lisa’s Contact info: LinkedIn Website Rebooting vlog with Chris Twitter 46:56 – Lisa's Book recommendation Prisoners Of Geography 50:20 – Outro The Human Hacking Conference The Innocent Lives Foundation Human Hacking Book Phishing As A Service® Trainings: Practical Open Source Intelligence For Everyday Social Engineers * 11-12 November 2020 - VIRTUAL Advanced Practical Social Engineering Training * 17-20 November, 2020 - VIRTUAL
53 min
Ham Radio Workbench Podcast
Ham Radio Workbench Podcast
Ham Radio Workbench
HRWB116-2020 Gift Guide
Rod, Mike, George, and Jeremy discuss gift ideas for the ham in your life as well as what 2020 has inspired them to carry into 2021. PERMALINK - Our Website - Follow us on Twitter - Contact us - Connect with us on Facebook - BrandMeister Talkgroup 31075 - Raspberry Pi PiServer - Transcend MLC High Endurance SD Cards - MacLoggerDX - Wizkers Radio - Nano VNA video Andreas HB9BLA George’s Blog - RigExpert Antenna Analyzers - LP-100A Array Solutions Power-Master II - Heil Parametric Receive Audio System (And Speaker) - Hakko FR-301 desoldering gun - Hakko FX888-D Soldering Station - Knipex - Wiha - Wera - iFixIt Screw Driver Manta Kit - Wera Metric Driver Set - Wera Imperial Derive Set - Raspberry Pi 400 - Fluke 101 DMM - Tekpower TP3016M Portable Handheld Variable DC Power Supply - USB Power Supply - 4 Port USB power supply Veto Pro Pac MB-MC - National Suicide Prevention Helpline - National Treatment Referral Hotline -'s%20National%20Helpline%20%E2%80%93%201%2D800,%2D662%2DHELP%20(4357) Veteran’s Crisis Line -
2 hr 45 min
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