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The Good Samaritan
Tuesday afternoon, summer of 2017: Scotty Hatton and Scottie Wightman made a decision to help someone in need and both paid a price for their actions that day — actions that have led to a legal, moral, and scientific puzzle about how we balance accountability and forgiveness. In this 2019 episode, we go to Bath County, Kentucky, where, as one health official put it, opioids have created “a hole the size of Kentucky.” We talk to the people on all sides of this story about stemming the tide of overdoses. We wrestle with the science of poison and fear, and we try to figure out whether and when the drive to protect and help those around us should rise above the law. Special thanks to Earl Willis, Bobby Ratliff, Ronnie Goldie, Megan Fisher, Alan Caudill, Nick Jones, Dan Wermerling, Terry Bunn, Robin Thompson and the staff at KIPRC, Charles Landon, Charles P Gore, Jim McCarthy, Ann Marie Farina, Dr. Jeremy Faust and Dr. Ed Boyer, Justin Brower, Kathy Robinson, Zoe Renfro, John Bucknell, Chris Moraff, Jeremiah Laster, Tommy Kane, Jim McCarthy, Sarah Wakeman, and Al Tompkins. CDC recommendations on helping people who overdose: Find out where to get naloxone: It is also now available over-the-counter. ( EPISODE CREDITS: Reported by - Peter Andrey Smith with Matt Kielty Produced by - Matt Kielty Our newsletter comes out every Wednesday. It includes short essays, recommendations, and details about other ways to interact with the show. Sign up (! Radiolab is supported by listeners like you. Support Radiolab by becoming a member of The Lab ( today. Follow our show on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @radiolab, and share your thoughts with us by emailing Leadership support for Radiolab’s science programming is provided by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Science Sandbox, a Simons Foundation Initiative, and the John Templeton Foundation. Foundational support for Radiolab was provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
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Huberman Lab
Huberman Lab
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Leverage Dopamine to Overcome Procrastination & Optimize Effort
In this episode, I explain how dopamine dynamics — meaning changes and interactions between our baseline and peak levels of dopamine drive our cravings and sense of motivation. I also explain how to leverage dopamine dynamics to overcome procrastination. I cover behavioral, cognitive, nutrition-based and supplementation-based tools to optimize baseline and peak dopamine levels to ensure a persistently motivated state. I also discuss how to boost motivation when you are in a rut, why you might not want to stack behaviors/substances that spike dopamine and how to build and maintain a “growth mindset” for pursuing goals of any kind. Dopamine is an incredibly powerful neuromodulator involved in basic functions (e.g., hunger, romantic attraction, etc.) and feats of cognitive and physical performance; by understanding the dynamics of dopamine, listeners ought to be better positioned to overcome procrastination, maintain motivation, and improve confidence. For the full show notes, visit Thank you to our sponsors AG1 (Athletic Greens): Helix Sleep: WHOOP: ROKA: InsideTracker: Supplements from Momentous Timestamps (00:00:00) Dopamine (00:02:32) Sponsors: Helix Sleep, WHOOP, ROKA, Momentous (00:06:27) Dopamine Brain Circuits (00:14:53) Goals & Addiction (00:17:13) Dopamine Dynamics, “Wave Pool” analogy (00:20:28) Craving, Motivation, Pursuit & Reward Prediction Error (00:28:26) Sponsor: AG1 (Athletic Greens) (00:29:40) Feedback Cues & Reward Contingent Learning, “Scoreboard” (00:37:40) Addiction; Pleasure & Pain Imbalance (00:44:55) Dopamine Release & Addictive Substances/Behaviors (00:50:43) Addiction Recovery, Binding Behaviors (00:53:25) Tools: Maintain Baseline Dopamine Levels (01:02:08) Sponsor: InsideTracker (01:03:26) Tool: Deliberate Cold Exposure & Dopamine (01:09:38) Prescriptions & Supplementation: L-Tyrosine, Mucuna Pruriens (01:18:58) Dopamine Trough Recovery, Postpartum Depression (01:23:31) Dopamine Dynamics, “Dopamine Stacking”; Intrinsic Motivation (01:38:10) Making Effort the Reward, Growth Mindset (01:41:49) Tool: Overcome Procrastination (01:52:16) Tool: Meditation & Procrastination (01:57:01) Zero-Cost Support, YouTube Feedback, Spotify & Apple Reviews, Sponsors, Momentous, Neural Network Newsletter, Social Media Title Card Photo Credit: Mike Blabac Disclaimer
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