Crime Junkie
Crime Junkie
WANTED: Justice for David Carter
Ohio State Highway Patrol were identifying unknown remains along the side of a highway in northern Ohio at the same time a man in Michigan was being reported missing. Now, over 5 years later, U.S. Marshals are still searching for the culprit of this despicable crime. And they know exactly who they’re looking for, she’s just been on the run since 2018. * Listen closely to this episode, and if you believe you’ve seen Tammy, or someone who looks and acts an awful lot like her, please submit your tip to the U.S. Marshals’ 24/7 tip line. * You can also call 1-877-WANTED-2 (9268-2) or use the USMS Tips App. Source materials for this episode cannot be listed here due to character limitations. For a full list of sources, please visit: Did you know you can listen to this episode ad-free? Join the Fan Club! Visit to view the current membership options and policies. Don’t miss out on all things Crime Junkie! * Instagram: @crimejunkiepodcast | @audiochuck * Twitter: @CrimeJunkiePod | @audiochuck * TikTok: @crimejunkiepodcast * Facebook: /CrimeJunkiePodcast | /audiochuckllc Crime Junkie is hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat. * Instagram: @ashleyflowers | @britprawat * Twitter: @Ash_Flowers | @britprawat * TikTok: @ashleyflowerscrimejunkie * Facebook: /AshleyFlowers.AF Text Ashley at +1 (317) 733-7485 to talk all things true crime, get behind the scenes updates, random photos of Chuck, and more!
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Planet Money
Planet Money
Shopping for parental benefits around the world
It is so expensive to have a kid in the United States. The U.S. is one of just a handful of countries worldwide with no federal paid parental leave; it offers functionally no public childcare (and private childcare is wildly expensive); and women can expect their pay to take a hit after becoming a parent. (Incidentally, men's wages tend to rise after becoming fathers.) But outside the U.S., many countries desperately want kids to be born inside their borders. One reason? Many countries are facing a looming problem in their population demographics: they have a ton of aging workers, fewer working-age people paying taxes, and not enough new babies being born to become future workers and taxpayers. And some countries are throwing money at the problem, offering parents generous benefits, even including straight-up cash for kids. So if the U.S. makes it very hard to have kids, but other countries are willing to pay you for having them....maybe you can see the opportunity here. Very economic, and very pregnant, host Mary Childs did. Which is why she went benefits shopping around the world. Between Sweden, Singapore, South Korea, Estonia, and Canada, who will offer her the best deal for her pregnancy? Help support Planet Money and get bonus episodes by subscribing to Planet Money+ in Apple Podcasts or at Learn more about sponsor message choices: NPR Privacy Policy
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The Ezra Klein Show
The Ezra Klein Show
New York Times Opinion
Marilynne Robinson on Biblical Beauty, Human Evil and the Idea of Israel
Marilynne Robinson is one of the great living novelists. She has won a Pulitzer Prize and a National Humanities Medal, and Barack Obama took time out of his presidency to interview her at length. Her fiction is suffused with a sense of holiness: Mundane images like laundry drying on a line seem to be illuminated by a divine force. Whether she’s telling the story of a pastor confronting his mortality in “Gilead” or two sisters coming of age in small-town Idaho in “Housekeeping,” her novels wrestle with theological questions of what it means to be human, to see the world more deeply, to seek meaning in life. In recent years, Robinson has tightened the links between her literary pursuits and her Christianity, writing essays about Calvinism and other theological traditions. Her forthcoming work of nonfiction is “Reading Genesis,” a close reading of the first book of the Old Testament (or the Torah, as I grew up knowing it). It’s a countercultural reading in many respects — one that understands the God in Genesis as merciful rather than vengeful and humans as flawed but capable of astounding acts of grace. No matter one’s faith, Robinson unearths wisdom in this core text that applies to many questions we wrestle with today. We discuss the virtues evoked in Genesis — beauty, forgiveness and hospitality — and how to cultivate what Robinson calls “a mind that’s schooled toward good attention.” And we end on her reading of the story of Israel, which I found to be challenging, moving and evocative at a time when that nation has been front and center in the news. Book Recommendations: Foxe’s Book of Martyrs by John Foxe The Vision of Piers Plowman by William Langland Theologia Germanica Thoughts? Guest suggestions? Email us at You can find transcripts (posted midday) and more episodes of “The Ezra Klein Show” at Book recommendations from all our guests are listed at This episode of “The Ezra Klein Show” was produced by Annie Galvin. Fact-checking by Michelle Harris and Kate Sinclair. Our senior engineer is Jeff Geld, with additional mixing from Efim Shapiro. Our senior editor is Claire Gordon. The show’s production team also includes Annie Galvin, Rollin Hu and Kristin Lin. Original music by Isaac Jones. Audience strategy by Kristina Samulewski and Shannon Busta. The executive producer of New York Times Opinion Audio is Annie-Rose Strasser. Special thanks to Sonia Herrero and Alex Engebretson.
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WNYC Studios
Hold On
Two years ago, the United States did something amazing. In response to the mental health crisis the federal government launched 988 - a nationwide, easy to remember phone number that anyone can call anytime and talk to a counselor. It was 911 but for mental health and they hoped that it would save lives. However, if you call 988 today the first thing you hear isn’t a sympathetic counselor. What you hear is hold music. Today, the story of the highest stakes hold music in the universe, the three men who created suicide prevention and the two women trying to fix it. _Special thanks to Dr. Matt Wray, Sherbert Willows, Dani Bennett & Monica Johnson, Shari Sinwelski & the folks at Didi Hirsch, David Green, Jay Kennedy S. Carey & JagJaguwar Records, and George Colt for sharing his cassette taped interviews of Ed Schneidman with us._ EPISODE CREDITS: Reported by - Simon Adler Produced by - Simon Adler Fact-checking by - Natalie Middleton and Edited by - Pat Walters _Our newsletter comes out every Wednesday. It includes short essays, recommendations, and details about other ways to interact with the show. __Sign up__ (!_ _Radiolab is supported by listeners like you. Support Radiolab by becoming a member of __The Lab__ ( today._ _Follow our show on __Instagram__, __Twitter__ and __Facebook__ @radiolab, and share your thoughts with us by emailing __radiolab@wnyc.org__._ _Leadership support for Radiolab’s science programming is provided by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Science Sandbox, a Simons Foundation Initiative, and the John Templeton Foundation. Foundational support for Radiolab was provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation._
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