Crime Junkie
Crime Junkie
CONSPIRACY: Phillip Island Part 2
When 23-year-old Beth Barnard is found murdered in her home, investigators immediately suspect a woman named Vivienne Cameron, whose husband had been having an affair with Beth. But the more investigators – and the wider public – dig into the mystery, the less the puzzle pieces seem to fit together. Visit the Crime Junkie Fan Club App to listen to hundreds of never before released bonus episodes! If you would like to purchase Vikki Petraitis’ and Paul Daley’s book, “The Phillip Island Murder,” please visit this link! * If you or someone you know if experiencing thoughts of suicide, support can be reached by calling or texting the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, or by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Source materials for this episode cannot be listed here due to character limitations. For a full list of sources, please visit: Don’t miss out on all things Crime Junkie! * Instagram: @crimejunkiepodcast | @audiochuck * Twitter: @CrimeJunkiePod | @audiochuck * TikTok: @crimejunkiepodcast * Facebook: /CrimeJunkiePodcast | /audiochuckllc Crime Junkie is hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat. * Instagram: @ashleyflowers | @britprawat * Twitter: @Ash_Flowers | @britprawat * TikTok: @ashleyflowerscrimejunkie * Facebook: /AshleyFlowers.AF Text Ashley at +1 (317) 733-7485 to talk all things true crime, get behind the scenes updates, random photos of Chuck, and more!
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The Ezra Klein Show
The Ezra Klein Show
New York Times Opinion
A Different Path Israel Could Have Taken — and Maybe Still Can
Before Oct. 7, Israel appeared to many to be sliding into a “one-state reality,” where it had functional control over Gaza and the West Bank, but the Palestinians who lived there were denied full rights. In 2021, a group of hundreds of former senior defense and diplomatic officials in Israel published a report warning that this was a catastrophe — for Israel’s security, its democratic values, its international standing, and its very soul. And they argued that there was another way, that even without a Palestinian “partner for peace,” there was a huge amount Israel could do on its own to create the conditions for a two-state solution to emerge in the future. Nimrod Novik is a fellow at the Israel Policy Forum and a member of the executive committee of Commanders for Israel’s Security, the group behind the report. He was a senior policy adviser to Shimon Peres when he was prime minister, and was involved in all forms of negotiations with Palestinians and the Arab world. I wanted to talk to Novik about the plan proposed in the Commanders for Israel’s Security report, and how they might have changed in light of Oct. 7 and the war. We also talk through what the “day after” might look like in Gaza, the immense anger of the Israeli public over the intelligence failure that led up to the attacks, the alternative coalitions building against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and much more. Mentioned: “Initiative 2025” by Commanders for Israel’s Security Book Recommendations: The Back Channel by William J. Burns Master of the Game by Martin Indyk Thoughts? Guest suggestions? Email us at You can find transcripts (posted midday) and more episodes of “The Ezra Klein Show” at, and you can find Ezra on Twitter @ezraklein. Book recommendations from all our guests are listed at This episode of “The Ezra Klein Show” was produced by Rollin Hu. Fact-checking by Michelle Harris, with Mary Marge Locker and Kate Sinclair. Our senior engineer is Jeff Geld. Our senior editor is Claire Gordon. The show’s production team also includes Emefa Agawu and Kristin Lin. Original music by Isaac Jones. Audience strategy by Kristina Samulewski and Shannon Busta. The executive producer of New York Times Opinion Audio is Annie-Rose Strasser. Special thanks to Efim Shapiro.
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Morbid Network | Wondery
Episode 518: Sharon Kinne- La Pistolera Pt.1
On March 19, 1960, Kansas City police were called to the home James and Sharon Kinne for what they believed was an accidental shooting. According to Sharon, she had found their two-year-old daughter lying on the couple’s bed, a gun near her hand and her father’s body next to her with a large hole in his head. Unable to find evidence to the contrary, the shooting was ruled an accident and Sharon collected on her husband’s life insurance policy. It wasn’t until a few months later, when the wife of Sharon’s new boyfriend went missing and eventually turned up dead, that investigators came to believe that James Kinne’s death was no accident. Sharon Kinne was eventually arrested and charged with the murders of her husband James and of Patricia Jones, the wife of Sharon’s boyfriend at the time of her arrest. During the course of their investigation, detectives began unraveling a lurid tale of infidelity and conspiracy that resulted in at least two murders. Ultimately, Sharon would be acquitted of her Patricia Jones’ murder, and would be tried three times for the murder of James Kinne.  Before she could be tried for a fourth time, Sharon fled to Mexico with the help of yet another boyfriend, where she killed Francisco Parades Ordoñez in what she claimed was self-defense. The Mexican authorities rejected that claim and in 1964. Sharon was tried and convicted for murder, receiving a ten-year prison sentence. However, after serving just five years of her sentence, Sharon Kinne escaped the Mexican prison and has been on the run ever since. Today, more than fifty years later, she is still considered a fugitive with active warrants out for her arrest. Thank you to the wonderful David White, of the Bring Me the Axe pod, for research assistance  References Doyle, Patricia Janson. 1962. "Sharon thinks of trial, jury and jail." Kansas City Times, January 13: 1. Hays, James C. 1997. I'm Just an Ordinary Girl: The Sharon Kinne Story. Leawood, KS: Leathers Book Publishing. Kansas City Star. 1961. "Anxious in his hunt for wife." Kansas City Star, June 16: 1. —. 1961. "'Changed her story on gun'." Kansas City Star, June 15: 1. —. 1960. "Fin a woman slain in woods." Kansas City Star, May 28: 1. —. 1962. "'Fixed a price for his death'." Kansas City Star, January 9: 1. —. 1960. "Officers study life of families in slaying probe." Kansas City Star, May 28: 1. —. 1960. "Puzzled over a fatal shot." Kansas City Star, March 20: 1. —. 1960. "Rap coroner in slaying probe." Kansas City Star, June 2: 1. —. 1960. "Weird ties in murder probe." Kansas City Star, May 29: 1. Kansas City Times. 1962. "Boldizs views offer as jest." Kansas City Times, January 10: 1. —. 1969. "Kinne Search Widens." Kansas City Times, December 9: 1. —. 1962. "Mrs. Kinne found guilty." Kansas City Times, January 12: 1. —. 1961. "Sharon Kinne goes free." Kansas City Times, June 23: 1. —. 1962. "Somber Sharon Kinne starts jail routine." Kansas City Times, January 12: 1. Kelleghan, Kevin. 1969. "Sharon Kinne hunt eases up." Kansas City Times, December 18: 31. Maryville Daily Forum. 1961. "Testimony on death gun to KC jurors." Marysville Daily Forum, June 19: 1. Olwine, Margaret. 1974. "Sharon Kinne: Is she free forever, part II." Kansas City Star Magazine, February 17: 14. —. 1974. "Sharon Kinne: Is she free forever?" Kansas City Star Magazine, February 17: 17-19. Weber, David. 1964. "Sharon Kinne in jail." Kansas City Star, September 20: 1. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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WNYC Studios
A 4-Track Mind
In this short episode, first aired in 2011, a neurologist issues a dare to a ragtime piano player and a famous conductor. When the two men face off in an fMRI machine, the challenge is so unimaginably difficult that one man instantly gives up. But the other achieves a musical feat that ought to be impossible. Reporter Jessica Benko went to Michigan to visit Bob Milne, one of the best ragtime piano players in the world, and a preternaturally talented musician. Usually, Bob sticks to playing piano for small groups of ragtime enthusiasts, but he recently caught the attention of Penn State neuroscientist Kerstin Betterman, who had heard that Bob had a rare talent: He can play technically challenging pieces of music on demand while carrying on a conversation and cracking jokes. According to Kerstin, our brains just aren't wired for that. So she decided to investigate Bob's brain, and along the way she discovered that Bob has an even more amazing ability ... one that we could hardly believe and science can't explain. Our newsletter comes out every Wednesday. It includes short essays, recommendations, and details about other ways to interact with the show. Sign up (! Radiolab is supported by listeners like you. Support Radiolab by becoming a member of The Lab ( today. Follow our show on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @radiolab, and share your thoughts with us by emailing Leadership support for Radiolab’s science programming is provided by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Science Sandbox, a Simons Foundation Initiative, and the John Templeton Foundation. Foundational support for Radiolab was provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
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Vevo Reggaetón Podcast
Vevo Reggaetón Podcast
Reggaeton Party Mix 2023 | Latino Heat Club Rap RnB Music | Las Canciones Más Escuchadas #47
Reggaeton Party Mix 2023 | Latino Heat Club Rap RnB Music | Las Canciones Más Escuchadas #47 Tracklist: 1. Feid & Sean Paul - Niña Bonita - Nightdrop & DJ Mag Remix 2. Feid & Young Miko - Classy 101 - BROSS Re-Drum 3. Zion & Lennox - Yo Voy - Dozarm Remix 4. Megan Thee Stallion - Body - Fresco Cumbia Remix 5. Daddy Yankee - Gasolina - Nightdrop & Safari Riot Remix 6. Las Ketchup - The Ketchup Song (Aserejé) - Shubham, Rahul & Boh Mzk Remix 7. Crooked & Trayze - Play Bad Bunny - Shan Da Don Remix 8. Bad Bunny - Tití Me Preguntó - Lincoln Baio Off The Stoop Edit 9. EL Alfa - Helicoptero - Eddie Boy 100-118 Transition 10. Bad Bunny & Rauw Alejandro - Party - DJ Mag Remix 11. KAROL G, Justin Quiles & Angel Dior - OJOS FERRARI - Luis R RATATA Remix 12. Eladio Carrión & Future - Mbappé Remix - Livitup Hype Edit (Intro - Dirty) 13. Bizarrap & Arcángel - Arcángel: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 54 - DJ Blayox Club Edit 14. Bizarrap & Shakira - Shakira Bzrap Music Sessions, Vol. 53 - Livitup I Follow Rivers Edit 15. Don Omar - Sexy Robotica - DJ Mag Remix 16. Kaoma - Lambada - Dainjazone Remix 17. Enur - Calabria - J Medina Hype Edit 18. Don Omar - Danza Kuduro - Salvi Remix 19. J Balvin, KAROL G & Nicky Jam - Poblado - Hook Remix 20. Yandel ft. Lil Jon - Calentura 21. Daddy Yankee - PROBLEMA 22. Feid - REMIX EXCLUSIVO - Alex Selas Hype Intro 23. Anuel AA, Mambo Kingz & DJ Luian - Mas Rica Que Ayer - Dozarm Hype Intro 24. Standly, El Barto & Blessd - Mi Gata Remix - DJ Blayox Break Intro 25. Yng Lvcas & Peso Pluma - La Bebe Remix - MarkCutz Back That Azz Up Edit
58 min
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